Welcome to the official FreeRadioNetwork Linux Client page.

Check here for the Code Project Page & BETA Download.

The Free Radio Network has been around on the windows platform for some time now.

I wanted to build a Gateway of my own, So in true Tech Style I decided to build a Linux Version.

I had found after a lot of looking that Froller had built a very basic version using Perl.

So after basing the code on Froller’s original Perl client I have now a working Linux Gateway using A Raspberry PI.

Grab yourself a Raspberry, a USB Sound Card and your ready to go, If you don’t want to rely on VOX within your radio you can build a USB Radio Key-er ( See Images Below for Interface Details ).

I’m Currently looking for Beta Testers about 5 or so. You will need a Raspberry PI. Please leave your details and when were ready ill send your SD Card Image, Just Plug and GO ( providing you have a Interface Cable ).

As yet, USB Sound card testing and USB to Serial has only been tested on a few devices ( all worked OK ). but i do expect a few hardware compatibility issues.

SD Images should be ready within the next few weeks.

Have Fun.


Early Testing

RPi Gateway

New Web Config in Beta – Built by 30TM001, Steve.


Java Interface




22 comments on “Home

  1. This project is just what the doctor ordered. I have a PI and i’m also a linux user. this opens the door to some very small and low powered gateway. Keep up the good work! do you really need the rs232 converter or could the GPIO pins be utilised?

    • Hi John,

      Yes the GPIO can be used. but for now I have disabled this section of code.

      At the time of writing the radio caused problems with the GPIO and i had very intermittent results.

      I was going to use the USB COM Key-er until I had time to design a plug on module for this purpose.

      Thanks for your interest.
      You are BETA Tester 3.


  2. Great work can you provide me more info with regards to the keyer system you show on the post also a frn image would be fantastic


  3. Beta release set for this weekend. Will find somewhere to host the 4gb image file.

    Who needs info on the radio interface?
    I will provide instructions in how to build a interface using a ptt hand mic.
    This is for the Baofeng UV5R. Other radios may vary but i will touch on this within the instructions.

    I have been very busy recently, So please be patient.

  4. Hello, I notice that the link to the beta image of your linux FRN client is blocked due to too many downloads/too much activity. I run a website and would be happy to host the files for you on my web-space which has no limitations. Please contact me if you are interested. I would like to try to get a linux gateway set up (on ubuntu) if possible, as my current windows XP based gateway (26-FRG-01 on the muppets) is a bit ‘clunky’.

    • Sure, If your looking to use ubuntu you need to keep an eye on the coogle code project. The PI is only a BETA.

      A Linux installer is being built for debian/ubuntu distros. Visit the google code project page.


  5. I would just like to say thank you for starting this project. This is just what I am looking for. The Raspberry Pi is a great choice as a gateway controller and this project could be very useful to many people indeed. If you need any testers/feedback give me a shout.

  6. Great Work!
    We use Your Lin-FRN in city Kosice, Slovakia. It work good, but has some limitations. COM Keyer 2-way PTT or 2-way keying over GPIO would be good.
    Wish you many success.

    • Thanks, I’m pleased you have it working…

      2-way Keying System will be introduced in the next release.

      I’m currently the only developer working on the project, and finding it hard to keep up with everyone’s requests, but feel free to submit any suggestions you may have and we will check them out as soon as possible.



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