Welcome to the official FreeRadioNetwork Linux Client page.

Check here for the Code Project Page & BETA Download.

The Free Radio Network has been around on the windows platform for some time now.

I wanted to build a Gateway of my own, So in true Tech Style I decided to build a Linux Version.

I had found after a lot of looking that Froller had built a very basic version using Perl.

So after basing the code on Froller’s original Perl client I have now a working Linux Gateway using A Raspberry PI.

Grab yourself a Raspberry, a USB Sound Card and your ready to go, If you don’t want to rely on VOX within your radio you can build a USB Radio Key-er ( See Images Below for Interface Details ).

I’m Currently looking for Beta Testers about 5 or so. You will need a Raspberry PI. Please leave your details and when were ready ill send your SD Card Image, Just Plug and GO ( providing you have a Interface Cable ).

As yet, USB Sound card testing and USB to Serial has only been tested on a few devices ( all worked OK ). but i do expect a few hardware compatibility issues.

SD Images should be ready within the next few weeks.

Have Fun.


Early Testing

RPi Gateway

New Web Config in Beta – Built by 30TM001, Steve.


Java Interface